15 February 2012


Day 10 (Wednesday): Over and almost out

Measuring the focal length of a lens

Last day of workshops. It all went well but we are all soooooo tired. was a presentation at the end from the students with a speech and wearable presents (wait till we get home if you are curious)

The packing up afterwards for the microscopists was particularly hard - packing away 20 microscopes and associated fiddly accessories.

Still finishing off this evening as we need to assess which students get the science and electronics kits - we only have enough for half of them Most of our party are settling down to a posh dinner. Mine starts and ends with rum and raisin ice cream (no vanilla to be had).
Tomorrow we are going to the airport via a primary school. By the way if you are on Facebook you can comment at http://www.facebook.com/pageant.uk
Next off its Micklepage with the wonderful youth from our church this weekend – yey!

The 20 or so vultures circling the trees nearby appear to have given up hope for the evening.....

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