09 February 2012


Day 4: Sorting stuff

Not gone anywhere so far today however we have not been twiddling our thumbs. Each of the 80 student teachers who will be attending the workshops at Gambia College will be receiving a pack of teaching information specifically covering the subject matter of the workshops.  Thanks to generous donations from many about half of the teachers will receive a starter pack of science teaching materials for Physics and chemistry including a simple good quality binocular microscope each (kindly donated by Motic and a college in Newcastle).

So today has been splitting up materials for each teacher pack – either in a bedroom or out on the terrace. Several guests and many staff were curious to know what we were up to and even had a go using a hand magnifier or microscope. Notice how our Tesco carrier bags are in Pageant colours-how clever of them to know.

Nine more of our party arrive this afternoon all being well (the sky is much clearer today thankfully).  Tomorrow morning we are off to Gambia College to set up.

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