10 February 2012


Day 5: Set up for workshops

Friday night and we are all set, experiments mostly sorted, whole team (now 14) arrived minus one suitcase :-(  .
Two minibuses were needed to transport team and kit this morning.

One set off straight for Brikama and Gambia College, the other went by the MRC in Fajara where we were kindly given some potassium permanganate-essential to one of Bob's more spectacular experiments.

Set up was reasonably straightforward. Abdoulie and some students made an excellent stand for our deliberately basic ripple tank made from shallow plastic tray and straws. Illuminated by a wind up torch it shows reflection and diffraction very well.
Building a ripple tank (from a plastic tray, straws and tape!)
In the afternoon Bob was intent on tracking down local sources of chemicals; spring onions, sweet potato, a galvanised pipe fittings. Sadly know red cabbage. Citrus fruit juice to be picked up at breakfast which will be 7am. Hum...
PS Ian now has a very trend pair of swimming shorts foregoing the opportunity to invest in some beautiful floral ones.

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