13 February 2012


Day 7: Half time

Good day. Didn't almost knock any children down in Serrekunda (forgot to mention that yesterday– a horrid second which thankfully came to nothing).

More electronics!
Radioactivity-a dicey subject
Bob's optimised volcano was even more spectacular today and Sally, Adrian and Ian G's powder ignition went with a bang all day. My experiments on sound and vibrations went quite well but it was difficult not to get bogged down in equation manipulation which is generally not a strong suit here. I will revert to the eye and light on Tuesday. Emma and Katie's dice radioactivity exercise was very popular and I gather the fact that UK A level students (Jayson and Dan) were able to devise and deliver such a clear class on electricity was noted with amazement by the college teachers. Lots of thanks at the end and a lovely group photo.

Yusupha came back to chat and play games before heading home with Abdoulie.

All the “adults” went out to eat. I felt so tired I couldn't face staying out late so ended up chatting about life the universe and everything with E,K, IG, J and D which was really great. Hardly ate anything. Now back in my room, I'm shivering in bed wearing a fleece (in the Gambia!). It took 7 days for Banjul belly to catch up with me. Tomorrow is a “rest” day between workshops. My plans to join in with teaching at a lower basic school have been sidelined. I'm fine otherwise but if you pray I old appreciate some.

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