14 February 2012


Day 9 (Wednesday): Bananas and Leeuwenhoek

Still feeling a bit tender but made it to the science workshops. Reverting to light, lens and the eye from strings and sound paid off. The former topic is all geometric and visual with zero maths which works here. Being a normal working day, the college was full of students and it was difficult to keep the class sizes to 20 each. For the techies among you, using a plastic bottle for the pupil of the eye works brilliantly; squashing the bottle is analogous to deformation of the pupil. Great to have Yankuba along today too-his day off and he chose to come with us.
Notice Dan's hair!

Valentines dinner tonight – feel bit wistful. Tummy remains dickey so had an omelette and retired to my blog.
It has been great but I'm looking forward to home.

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