14 April 2012


Back home - brrrrrr, isn't it cold........

This is really a signing-off THANK YOU from Pippa to all the April 2012 Pageant team - Tina, Frances, Rachel and Page from UK plus Wandifa, Yankuba and Abdoulie from The Gambia. We had such a great time - loads of laughs, a lot of hard work and so much fun.
So many memories...
First, of course, the team..... at compounds and schools, on long, hot journeys, waiting for things (an inevitable pastime in The Gambia!), coping with the unexpected, playing cards almost everywhere - team, you were GREAT! The photo is after the sports day at SHM Nursery in Gunjur.
Visiting many sponsored children and seeing their progress - the photo is of a couple of young girls whose story tore at our heart-strings in February and to whom we were delighted to be able to take sponsorship this time.
The welcome we received in so many family compounds - the photo is of me with Yankuba's grandmother, Mariama, at Jarreng. We think she is around 84 years old, a really lovely lady who looked after us (and the whole entourage who came to see us) so very kindly.

It will now be nearly a six month break until I go out again - but I'm looking forward to the next trip already!

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