12 April 2012


Day 12 - Final school trip!

Today was our final school visit of our trip. We headed to Kings Kid Academy to spend the morning with Grades 1 and 2. We decorated masks using paints, feathers, sequins and pipe cleaners. The children were all very creative and came up with some beautiful and original designs. They all showed great concentration and behaved impeccably. Next we did some tissue paper collage in a variety of bright colours. We had intended to cut out balloon shapes from their work but after seeing the wonderful patterns they came up with, we decided to keep them whole. The children were delighted to be able to take their masks home and we stuck their collages beside their names in the classrooms which really brightened them up. After cleaning up we stopped off at NARI to see how our artemesia agent Lamin has been getting on. The news was very encouraging and we were able to take 50 plant cuttings away with us to distribute to our top gardeners. Back at the hotel we had a brief swim and read by the pool, before heading out to dinner at the Senegambia with Linda. Another great day... can't believe that tomorrow will be our last day!

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