03 April 2012


Day 3 - the day of babies!

As it was April Fools day today, we decided to play a few practical jokes on Wandifa, to get him back for all the tricks he likes to play on us. We started the day with a super trick, pretending to struggle with a really heavy suitcase... Wandifa rushed to help and then discovered, after dragging it along the floor several metres, that it was actually filled with foam! This was the start of many tricks to come, making the day even better! Our first stop of the day was to see Hawa and her husband Andre, and their beautiful baby Banna. There were lots of cuddles and arguments over whose turn it was to hold the baby!! Our next stop was to see the Manneh family for lunch at their compound where they served up a delicious chicken yassa, followed by fresh fruit and fruit juice. We caught up with what every member of the family is doing and discovered that Ramatoulie has recently been married and is expecting her first baby – very exciting! We were also treated to more cuddles from the newest Manneh baby. The work ethic of the whole family is still as strong as ever, thanks to various PAGEANT members who have supported them over the past few years. They were very pleased to receive some beautiful clothes donated by a colleague of Frankie and Page. Thank you Humera!

We drove back to the hotel where we prepared everything for the nursery trip tomorrow. After a very lovely dinner in the a la carte, we all fell into bed!

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