03 April 2012


Day 4 - School number 1!

We have had a full on day! We headed to Humanity Nursery School in Farato this morning to do our first teaching session. We started off with the story of 'Rumble in the Jungle' with some songs and then set to with sponge printing and painting to make two large jungle displays for the classrooms. This was followed by an outdoor activity session involving hoops, balls and hop scotch which the children absolutely loved! Nursery 1 then used paint dabbers to create some colourful balloons for the classroom walls, whilst Nursery 2 had their first ever go at collage, using tissue paper and glue. It was a very messy morning but luckily we had taken aprons so the children didn't get covered in paint and glue! We finished off our morning with a rendition of 'Alice the Camel', the 'Hokey Kokey' and some goodbye songs. Great fun was had by all, and with all the equipment left at the school, we are hoping they will have many more fun sessions like they enjoyed today.

Leaving the school in very good spirits, we headed to meet student teacher Musa for a drink to give him all the photographs from the February Science & Microscopy workshops. He was very interested to hear all about teacher training in England, and looked forward to giving his peers the photographs. We then stopped off at Gambia College to deliver the certificates from the workshops and the PAGEANT letter of recommendation re who should be awarded the microscopy kits. On our way back, we called in to see a remarkable lady, Ida, and deliver sponsorship money for her two nieces, which was very gratefully received. We tasted some cashew fruit and explored her chicken pen before returning to the hotel for a quick swim before dinner. After a very competitive game of cards and a relaxing dinner at Billy's, it is now time for bed. Lots to do tomorrow! X x x

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