06 April 2012


Day 7 - Tourist day!

Today was tourist day and our first stop was the crocodile pool! Pippa and Tina stayed in Timbooktoo (local bookshop) for the morning whilst the rest of us set off to greet some friendly crocs. First we had a look around the museum which had some amazing tribal instruments, masks and photographs. Then we explored the park. We came across a cotton tree with roots so large that we managed to have a group photo inside! The cotton clumps growing on the tree were huge and very soft to touch. We saw some eucalyptus trees and an amazing vegetable garden. The crocodiles are free to roam around the park so you have to be on look out the whole time. When we came to the pool there were crocodiles of every shape and size. We all had a stroke - their scales were soft and cold underneath and we learnt that they like to sit very still with their mouths open – both to help cool down and to catch insects. Next it was off to pick up Pippa and Tina and head to the monkey park, with peanuts in hand! The monkeys were beautiful and, once inside the park, we were able to feed them. They were very gentle and took the nuts straight from our hands. Some liked to take about 8 at a time, whereas others took one at a time and kept coming back for more! They were also keen on our oranges too!

On our way back to the hotel we called in to see a girl in need of sponsorship and take her photo, and then had a quick tour of Yanbuka's new room! Very impressed! We had a relaxing hour or two reading back by the pool and then set off to meet Fatoumatta and Musa at the Senegambia strip for dinner. Musa attended the workshops at Gambia college and was pleased to receive some teaching resources given by Pippa. Fatoumatta is doing well at University and very much enjoyed meeting Rachel and Page. She received some lovely gifts from her sponsors, and particularly loved the gold earrings and necklace. Tomorrow is treat day! We have 9 very excited children for shopping, lunch and swimming! Lots of sleep needed! X x x

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