15 April 2012



Thanks to Allah as he give me the chance to meet Pippa, so I am hereby giving thanks and showing appreciation to Pippa, Families and friends as they are the people who give me the chance and opportunity to be who I am today with my life career.
In the year 2005, I drop from school because I lost my sponsor because lack of communication and more over I lost my father who was really trying hard to see that I finished my schooling and be something in life. After dropping from school I decided to go for labour job just to have money to be able to pay my school fees as I feel that half education is a crime in the world. So with the small money I have I try to save some and spend some, in the year 2006 one of my friend give me an idea to go on the internet and look for sponsor because I really want to complete my education. So I do as my friend told me then so lucky I came across one of the woman on the internet who give me the PAGEANT website as she really feel for me and want to help but she don’t have enough to do so, I am here giving thanks to her too, from then I send a message through the website and I included all my contacts such as numbers and email address in the case they want to contact me.
One morning I got a call from Pippa at a time she came to the Gambia. She said if possible let me meet her at Banjul in a hotel called Atlantic hotel the next day and I try all my best to meet her the next day, then we have a drinks at the same she was asking me some questions and she took me a picture and I fill a form which is included my details from there we keep in contact by email.
After all this I appeal to them to help me so I can do IT course because by then I can't go back to senior school because I have dropped from school for about 2 years before I met Pippa. So luckily Pippa decided to help me to do IT course at GTMI, first 3 month I attended IT Foundation, then 3 months again for IT Certificate and 6 months for IT Diploma. After IT course I wanted to go for another course called PC Repair and I am 100% sure Pippa would have helped me if I decided to do PC Repair course but at the end I decided to find job so I can be independent as in life one shouldn’t be always dependent for the rest of your life. In the year 2010 I have the plan to open an internet cafe but by then I don’t have much money to start the business, and then Allah so great I have a driving job at Right Choice supermarket for about some months.
In the year 2011 September my dreams come true as one of my good brothers by the name Modou Lamin Touray who is traveling to Portugal decided to leave his internet cafe for me to take over everything for my future career and I am here giving thanks to him with his families. From there I decided to register the internet cafe in my name, try to change all the tables with other things in the cafe.
Well its not easy but with the help of Pageant and mention names my life is better and I am managing with it as now I have my own business now.
One message I will let everyone to know is Pippa and Pageant are really doing a lot for the Gambians specially students as I can raise my hand up to show everyone what I have from Pippa and Pageant and the pictures will show you all I am trying to explain about the mention names.
I am appealing to everything to help me as I still need help from anyone who can help with such as computers, flat screens and any other help one can do either cash or kind you are all highly welcome please.

So this is how my life goes with Pippa and all the mentions names so I will take this opportunity to give thanks and show appreciation and to let the world know what Pippa and Pageant are doing in the Gambia for Gambians. I have included some pictures of the internet cafe please and the cafe is located at Kerr Sering just 5 mins walk from both the market and the garage and like 15 mins walk from Senegambia highway.
If anything wants to know who I am or want to meet me you can contact me on or through the following contacts:
Email address: laminjammeh20@gmail.com
Mobile numbers: (+220) 7793460

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