22 April 2012


World Malaria Day

25 April is World Malaria Day, so this is a good time to review the progress being made towards the elimination of malaria, and in particular Pageant's small part in helping to combat this killer disease. 
There are about 216 million cases of malaria world-wide each year, with about 655 thousand deaths. There has been considerable progress over the last decade, with deaths in Africa cut by one third. The aim is to achieve near-zero malaria deaths by 2015. A worrying problem is the emergence of drug resistant strains of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. If unchecked this could lead to untreatable malaria, reversing the gains made so far. Despite the current economic climate, governments and aid agencies need to keep funds flowing to malaria control programmes, and to research into new and improved methods of malaria control.  
Pageant's small part in the fight against malaria in The Gambia consists of distributing Mosquito Nets to village communities, and encouraging the cultivation of Artemisia Annua Anamed, from which people can prepare a 'tea' with proven anti-malarial properties.

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