23 September 2012


Gavin's Half Marathon

Gavin says:

"I am very proud to have nearly broken 90 mins!!  I hadn't thought that goal was particularly realistic and neither did many of my compatriots but I made a fantastic time of 91:33mins putting me in 86th place out of 1597.  By my calculations, faster than 94.6%!
The weather was inclement to put it lightly.  Those PAGEANT T-shirts are quite absorbent! ;-)  I certainly didn't need to worry about overheating, which was a Godsend, actually.
Many thanks to you and PAGEANT for having a big part in my inspiration to complete the half marathon in a fast time.  I probably would have aimed for a respectable 120mins otherwise.  Now I feel confident that I have started something."

Gavin was supported on the day by stalwart Pageant member Mo Dawkins, who came out and braved the cold and the wet to say a very friendly hello - photos were taken and will be added to this blog entry once I get them from Mo!  

Mo's photos have now arrived - see below.  Also, note how dark Gavin's Pageant T-shirt was at the end of the race (3rd photo) compared with when it was dry (last photo)!!! 

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