31 March 2013


Pageant trip April 2013!

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow is the day! The rest of the PAGEANT team are flying out to Banjul to join Pippa and Tina for a busy week of nursery school art and games, compound trips, market gift token shopping and hopefully some more goat buying! Page, Lauren, Dan and I are all (pretty much) packed and ready to go... With all our extra kilos! We even found space for a few items of clothing in amongst all the paint, hoops, frisbees, bouncy balls, books, presents and much more!!

We have a jam-packed week planned starting with our first nursery school trip on Tuesday! So keep a look out for updates... We hope the Internet is better than in February!

Huge thank yous already to Malcolm and Ian for their excellent packing skills!

Bring on the sun! X

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