04 April 2013


Day 2!

Apologies for the late post... Yesterday was such a great day but we were shattered by the evening so sleep called! We started our day at Kings Kid Academy in Lamin Village with the nursery children. Like yesterday we started with team games and parachute fun! We were very impressed with the standard of English and the children's listening skills. This meant we could do more in the time and have more fun! Highlights included the bean bag race (after Dan's excellent frog run impression!) and the mushrooms with the parachute! One group even managed to play a game whilst underneath!

After the games Tina read a story under the shade of a mango tree whilst the team prepared the classrooms for messy art! The children loved the art and produced some beautiful collages and paintings. Wandifa had a ball too!! The children sang us their National Anthem followed by a medley of different songs. Some even sang solos! This was a great end to a brilliant morning.

Next stop was to Baba's compound, Wandifa's brother and his family. We took lots of games including skipping, bubbles, hopscotch and tennis balls which entertained the whole village! They treated us to a lovely lunch and it was great to spend time with such a lovely family. Unfortunately the goats were out in the field but their house is still going strong!

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Gambia College to visit various students and give out more letter forms. We arrived back just in time for happy hour and then ventured to the Senegambia for some fun at African Queen. Alieu did not let us down with his super service. He had even prepared a huge table decoration of flowers for our table only! A great evening!

We are looking forward to meeting lots of our sponsored children today! We are asking them shopping in the market, followed by lunch and games at Billy's. there may even be chance for a swim in the sea later!

Lots of love x x X.

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