02 April 2013


First day!

Good evening all!

We have had a great day at Humanity Nursery! Despite it being school holidays, all the children turned up raring to go and were very pleased to see us! We started with lots of team games including over under with balloons and hoops, bean bag relays, skipping and 'Duck Duck Goose'. Then it was time for the parachute... What a success! I don't think I have ever seen so many smiles at once! We played lots of games which involved balls flying high, children running excitedly underneath and a fantastic 'mushroom' (where everyone sits underneath the parachute so it looks like a mushroom).

Next, Tina read 'Handa's Hen' with her trusty assistants Wandifa, Abdoulie, Yankuba and Pippa! The children listened carefully and were fascinated by the toy chicks (which, much to Yankuba's delight, chirped when pressed!). Meanwhile, the rest of the PAGEANT team prepared the classroom for some art. The younger nursery children enjoyed sponge painting shapes (and themselves!!) while the older children collaged shapes and numbers with tissue paper, feathers, sequins, materials and cellophane to compliment the story of Handa's Hen. On the way home we visited several compounds to deliver more PAGEANT sponsor letter forms (we have delivered 152 letter so far!)

We had time for a quick swim and relax before a huge dinner at Billy's. Now, it is back to sorting ready for our next school visit tomorrow.... That's if we survive our recent ordeal of being sprayed by the mosquito man!!

Love to all at home! X x x

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