14 April 2013


Pippa & Tina catching up... Monday 8th April:

Sorry for the lack of a daily update after Dan, Frances, Lauren and Rachel went home – Tina and I arrived back on Friday evening, so I will fill in our last few days now:
Before doing the ‘airport run’ we went to RVTH (hospital in Banjul) with Modou Lamin to check on the refitting of his prosthetic leg, which went well.  However, we found that the original fittings sent for him from UK have mysteriously disappeared, so we are investigating how we might source some more.  If we do, they will be kept under lock and key until needed if they do not fit him when they arrive.
Then to Albert Market to buy 54 large family size mosquito nets (Gift Token donations) to take up-country on the following day. They were packed into 3 huge sacks for transporting on the roof rack of the minibus.
Off to the airport and sadly waved goodbye to the younger members of the team – then back through Abuko, where we collected Karamba for the very exciting purchase of a bicycle!  This was an 18th birthday present from his sponsor and he could hardly contain himself for excitement.  The now expert bicycle-buying duo of Wandifa and Abdoulie tried three different shops before finding something to their liking – I think Karamba was beginning to think that he would NEVER get his gift!  However, eventually the purchase was made, together with a padlock and chain to keep it safe, and a beaming Karamba pedalled off home.
Back to the hotel, where a whole load of Pageant reinforcements had arrived – Ann & Brian, plus Alan & Paula with Charlotte, Chris, Joe and Kerris.  After a lot of discussion (and a few Julbrews) Charlotte and Joe decided that they would like to come with us the following day, even though it meant setting out at 6am on their very first morning!!

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