13 February 2014


second workshop completed

Well the first thing I need to say is that I have spelled Kasia's name incorrectly in the last blog.The next is that we completed the second workshop on Monday after visiting a few compounds on the Sunday. We were able to see some of the children or young adults that are sponsored. I hope to add some images here but if not then on Saturday when we get back.. The workshop went well and we were helped by Regina and Kasia as well as Abdoulie and Wandifa. Sarah, a peace corps volunteer also came and Linda was
there on the Saturday.  It is very useful to have her teaching experience for these workshops.
The visit to the compounds was lovely and Abdoulie made some glasses for the children from glitzy pipecleaners.
On the Tuesday we went to the northbank on the one remaining ferry. It wasn't too bad. Coming back we were amused by the large cockroach and small rat travelling with us.
Yesterday we had a lazy day by the pool while Pippa and Ian travelled around Banjul visiting compounds. The weather is lovely but very hot. Not looking forward to going back to the rain.

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