19 April 2014


Day 12 - happy birthday Wandifa!!

After an early breakfast and some last minute sorting and packing, we surprised Wandifa with a real birthday cake, which we had made in the hotel. His face said it all and he approved of our singing!! We presented him with a birthday card in which we had all written special messages! We piled in to 2 taxis and headed for the airport - a straight forward journey one might think... But not in The Gambia!! The first stop was to receive a handful of knitted mobile phone cases thrust through the window that had been specially made for us by Fatoulisa's daughter, Haddy. Next we greeted Seedy who had been instructed to 'pick' the cake from the roadside and take it to Wandifa's compound. Finally we were hailed by Goodboy who had come to deliver a sponsored child's letter. We checked in and enjoyed a final drink with the PAGEANT team, sadly missing Abdoulie, still suffering from malaria.

Thanks for another great trip - to the Gambian team including Linda, you have been fantastic company, support and have worked very hard to ensure a successful trip - thank you for all the laughs and good times! We wish you well in the coming months and are counting the days until our next meeting!

And now for the PAGEANT prize giving....
Best dressed... Ellie 
Most competitive... Page and Ian (how are they going to fight that one out??!)
Most organised... Pippa
Consistently late to breakfast... Frankie and Caroline
Best goat negotiator... Yankuba
Best dinner... the Bishop's sauce
Best story teller... Tina
Biggest tease... Wandifa
Most adventurous compound toilet visitor... Frankie and Ellie
Most active (often to be found in the gym)... Caroline
Best artist (and fish designer supreme)... Page
Best ladies wine drinker (according to the Bishop)... Ian

Thank you team!! Until next time x x x x

Ps a huge thank you to Dave for sprucing up the blog always written in haste and usually late at night!!

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