15 April 2014


Day 8 - goat day!


Yesterday, we left the hotel at 6am for Kanni Kunda armed with lots of presents and packed breakfasts as well as armfuls of pillows (we still haven't got our PAGEANT van back) but unfortunately no mosquito nets as the replacement van does not have a roof rack. We were entertained on our journey by the lack of cutlery... Ellie found a way round this by cracking her egg on the window while others dipped their bread in the butter! We arrived safely after 3 and a half hours at Kanni Kunda LBS to check up on the progress of our latest projects. The computer suite is looking great with a tiled floor and electrics all in place. They also have the solar panels to power the computers and safety grills to put on the windows. We all thought it looked very impressive and they are due to start work on their new dining room next term. We collected Fatoumatta (one of Tina's sponsored students) from the bus stop as she had travelled from Jarreng that morning to spend a few days with us in Banjul. 

We stopped off to see Nurse who is in charge of the women's group and micro loan project. She is only 22 years old with a new baby but has managed the micro loan project with efficiency and good humour. The ladies are on track to pay their loan back in full by July which means another 6 ladies can start again. We seemed to be playing a game of how many people you could stuff into one room - we had over 30 at one point which as you can imagine was rather warm!!! Reading glasses and toys were handed out - we had an impromptu opticians service in the crowded room! 

Next stop was to see Wanto, Wandifa's sister for goat negotiations! She looked very well and was keen to be the next recipient of a PAGEANT goat, courtesy of Caroline's family! We managed to get a bargain - a pregnant goat with some hard bartering by Yankuba! Wanto was delighted with her goat and waved us off clutching it tightly! 

We stopped for a roadside drink before calling in to see several other sponsored children to take photos and check reports. We had a very long hot journey back but because it was in daylight, for the first time ever we saw groups of women heading to tend their crops with their water buckets on the heads, many people working in the fields and lots of traditional houses and sights. Yankuba returned with a single feather (much to his disappointment but our delight!!) following a slight incidence involving the bus and a guinea fowl! 

We were exhausted when we arrived back at 8pm so we ordered a quick dinner and fell into bed!!

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