11 June 2014


More baby photos... aaaahhhh

Linda has just sent me some more photos of baby Nyima Saidykhan, taken when she was just over 2 weeks old.  We can see rather more of her now...
.. and EB has now arrived to have his photo taken as well..
'Aunty Sandy' (Mariama's younger sister) is obviously going to be a wonderful baby-sitter!
Thank you so much for the photos, Linda - it is lovely to be able to see the family at this happy time.

04 June 2014


The new baby is called Nyima

Wandifa's and Mariama's new daughter was given the name Nyima at her naming ceremony on 24th May, where these pictures were taken for us by Yankuba (using Linda's camera!).  This would have been her first venture out into the world outside the family house, so understandably she was well wrapped up.  I hope that we will soon have some more photos of her, showing more than the top of her head -we'll keep you posted.

As you can see from the smiles in the photo above, the family is delighted with their new arrival.  For those of you who know the family, EB was around somewhere but could not be found when the photographs were taken.  Mo Lamin's smile is big enough for both of them, I feel.