12 February 2015


A day in Numbers

Almost 40 children miraculously appeared in an (initially) quiet compound we visited just to check out what was happening.
45% of Gambians are aged 15 or less, and only 2% are over 65 (according to stats we read in a schools publication).
About 60 exercise books bought for workshop attendees.
0 power sockets in most of the school rooms where we will be running the workshops (thankfully not a problem).
About 20 children patiently waiting for stylish pipe cleaner glasses.
3ish chairs from St Marks Horsham in a headmaster's office.
4 new additions to our group who arrived today; welcome Anne, Trudi, Kathy and Andrew (with 13 more electronics kits)!

Oh, and if you were looking for an in depth, all day Bible study my apologies.  Please accept Numbers 6:24-26 by way of compensation. :-)

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