26 February 2015


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So it is Thursday evening and we have been back for a few days now. Arrived home in the early hours of Tuesday thanks to delays on the incoming flight.
Just a few notes on the last few days of our stay.
Sunday we had a late start and spent the day at the hotel pool bar showing Wandifa, Abdoulie and Yankuba how to set up the transmitted light microscopes and making up six kits of microscopy stuff for them to take to schools on their own. They were brilliant at the microscopes and I am sure they will be able to teach the science teachers at different schools how to use them with the students.
When we had finished the workshops Ian presented them with a certificate as teaching assistants for the science workshops and I think they were very proud - see photo below.
Monday was a return trip to Unity Nursery school in Banjul, but without the guys as the minibus had broken down. We managed to see them to say goodbye as we made our way to the airport with Jerry in his taxi.

Now home I have looked at the photos and can put some in here for you to see.

One of the microscopy workshops

Ian showing the levers exercise
One of the workshop set of teachers
Certificates for the essntial assistants - from the left Wandifa, Pippa, Abdoulie, Ian and Yankuba
Andrew with the exercise on radioactive half life measurement using dice 

another microscope workshop day

Children at Unity nursery
General area and Staff dining area in one of the schools. Magnificent elephant tree in the background
Set up to start!
Setting up the microscopes at the hotel. This generated a lot of interest from the hotel guests as you can imagine.
Chris with the electricity exercise and Linda watching!

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