22 February 2015


goodbye to Chris and trip to north bank

Friday dawned and breakfast in the hotel. Today was a visiting compounds day and trip to the airport to say goodbye to Chris who was flying back on Gambia experience . The trips to the compounds involved a very rural back route behind the airport visiting families living close to the airport and Banjul but in a much more rural setting. One small group of houses had amazing art paintings on the outside walls of their houses ( photos to follow as on the camera). As usual all families were very welcoming. Chris found out at the airport that there was a problem with the plane so that two smaller planes were being used. This meant a delay and stopover for refuelling. He was lucky being on the first plane and also this one had enough tank capacity to get all the way to Gatwick.
We were sorry to say Goodbye to Chris and the families will miss him,especially the children. He would always play with them when we called.
Friday we plan to go to the north bank. Always a tiring day.

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