17 February 2015



Rather sporadic connection with the web here. Yesterday we found ourselves teaching what seemed to be grades 10 to 12 as one class. Half did microscopy with Pippa,  Kathy, Ian and Kathy. The rest did electronics with me. Bit of a scrum but they seemed happy.  Photo below is out of the school gate.
Today was the last workshop of the tour in Pirang which is beyond where the first two were held - so an even earlier start.  Quite a proliferation of check points in the lead up to the 50th anniversary of Gambian independence tomorrow. After a shaky start (only 5 out of 20 teachers arrived a few minutes before the start) things picked up. Letting children actually participate in hands on experimentation here is quite foreign. During feedback sessions we had to persistently draw them back to letting the children try and asking guiding questions to enable them to answer for themselves. But they did respond.
In microscopy there was some excellent sample collection again including some fearsome creepy crawlies which caused a stir.
Travel back involved a circuitous and bumpy diversion to bypass a roadblock in Serrakunda.
Back at base Pippa and Ian presented our three amazing agents, Wandifa, Abdoulie and Yankuba with certificates for their invaluable work as teaching assistants during the workshops. All made a massive contribution wjich we all so much appreciated.
Tomorrow we're off visiting compounds for the day.

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