07 February 2015


Some Background from Kathy

Kathy Groves is busy getting ready for her trip to The Gambia, so she has sent me this for posting:

"I work as a food microscopist at Leatherhead and met Pippa many years ago by needing her talents with the microscope. For the last few years Pippa and Ian have organised science workshops involving microscopes, physics and chemistry. In The Gambia science is taught mostly from the blackboard. It is taught well but it is difficult to fully appreciate science without doing the practical bit. Next week we are going out to see all the children and schools as usual but also running 3 days of microscopy and physics workshops for science teachers in 3 schools.

Pippa, Ian and Chris are travelling out next Monday and on Thursday I will be going with my better half Andrew who is a trustee of Pageant. With us will be his sister Anne who is a retired English teacher, her friend Trudy who is actively teaching and finally but importantly Joe Brock, Head of Science at Collyers A-Level College in Horsham. Joe has several simple but very good experiments for the teachers, designed so that they can do them with their classes. We are taking over 30 microscopes and  ancillary equipment for the microscopy workshops.

The current plan is to hold the workshops on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday and Anne, Trudy and Joe will travel back to UK on Thursday. Joe and Trudy are fitting this in their half term break.

You can imagine the amount of equipment we have to take but I will try and photo it when we go. At the moment we are up to 4 cases and a large box of meter rulers in our hall with more to pack. Including of course my forgotten underwear and Andrews trousers!

I hope you find this interesting and will try to update the blog as often as possible.  We are all looking forward to seeing Wandifa, Abdoulie, Yankuba, Linda and all the others. A beer by the pool bar and the sunshine are also attractions."

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