19 February 2015


sponsorship visits

Today, Wednesday, we spent the day visiting compounds of sponsored children and adults. We have sponsored two children from young teenagers and now they are in their early twenties. We saw in one compound a really lovely garden with vegetables and recently planted flowers. Each year we have seen this garden change and improve thanks to the efforts of young Ebrima. In addition to gardening to provide family veg he also does men's hairdressing and has recently opened a small salon with the small sponsorship we provide. He had gone to GTTI and learned to be an electrician and gets work doing this too. We are very proud of him and his efforts. We also saw others determined to try and start a small business. This is essentiAl as there are so few jobs. This year very few tourists due to fears of Ebola. There is no Ebola here in the Gambia and never has been.
Today Anne and Trudy have to go home sadly but they were so helpful in the workshops, and they enjoyed the visits to sponsored children and schools. We will put photos in once I can work out how to do this from my tablet!

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