15 February 2016


After the workshops - Monday 15 February

Kathy has returned to the UK, so Pippa now takes up the story:
We spent most of today sorting out all the remaining science kit that is left after the workshops. The home-going part of the team piled all their boxes and bags of kit into our room yesterday, so we had walls of stuff down each side of our little entrance "lobby" at the door to our room.

Our three lovely Gambian guys helped us take it out to the quite large bantaba bar area and we spent a long time spreading it all out over the tables and floor, counting it, making up some kits for a few places and then repacking the rest of it into crates and boxes to store til the next time!  It all took a long time but at least we now know exactly what we have got - and where!!

We had time to visit a couple of schools afterwards and got back to the hotel for a very welcome Julbrew....

A long day of school and family visiting lies ahead tomorrow, so we are just heading off for a fairly early supper.

Cheers, Pippa

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