19 February 2016


Chickens, Sewing Machine and a Bicycle - Wednesday 17 February

Lots more visits to schools and families.

We have now seen the chickens in residence at Humanity and there is another building for more under construction (I'll add the photos when I return to UK). Faks is very pleased with how it is all going in general, although he did lose some of the birds during a very hot and windy spell of weather.  He has now learnt how to cope with such conditions, and all the current inmates look very healthy - the older ones are just about to start laying eggs.
More about the Humanity Chicken House Project

We have arranged to take one of the older students, who is just finishing his tailoring apprenticeship, to buy a sewing machine as the final gift from his sponsor - this is planned for next Wednesday, in Banjul.

We have also arranged to buy a bicycle for another student and a special tablet for school for yet another, both on next Tuesday if all goes according to plan.

In the evening we had dinner with some other Pageant members, who are staying at Ocean Bay, and have arranged a trip to the North Bank with them for next Monday.  Very early start for that as we are no longer staying in Banjul, of course..


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