02 February 2016


first post 2016

Well it's another year on and we are getting ready to go out to do science workshops for science teachers again, without Chris and Anne this year which is sad. However we do have Bob to run some simple chemistry workshops and my daughter Helen is also coming with her partner Michal. Both are in their first year doing science PhDs at Imperial College in London.

For those who don't know, we have run these science workshops every year for the last 5 or 6 years (losing count !). They involve a microscopy workshop where we take out small microscopes and show the teachers how to use them then leave them there for the science lessons. Most science is taught from the blackboard so any practical can make a big difference  in the way the children learn and succeed. We also have a simple.physics workshop and this year a chemistry one. The aim is to show simple experiments that they can do themselves without needing to buy anything.

So this weekend it is a practice pack to weigh everything so Pippa can give us microscopes and lots of equipment to take out. She and Ian are going on Monday so this is the last chance!!

We are really looking forward to going and will keep you posted.

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