19 February 2016


MRC and more visits - Friday 19 February

We started off today with a highly successful visit to the labs at the main Gambian MRC facility in Fajara.  We phoned early and were able to make a 10am appointment with the laboratory manager.  We took both the schools version of the WaterScope, which was similar to the one we took to show them in November, and the higher magnification version that has sufficient resolution for the MRC malaria and sickle cell work.  The tablet and smartphone from staff of the in-house lab facility had no problem interfacing with the microscope and we have left it for them for a week, to try out in earnest.  Very encouraging...
[more about MRC The Gambia Unit]

We also left a selection of baby clothes with the staff of the MRC post natal ward, who were delighted with them.  They would love more, particularly hats, mittens, little knitted jackets and tiny socks or bootees... all these are of particular benefit to the malnourished babies, who have a very poor thermal regulation system.

Then, on with more visits... most schools are still closed for an extra Independence holiday, so it was a good day for finding families all at home together.

I managed to catch up with one of my earliest sponsored students - he has been able to follow a path of accelerated promotion within the police force, due to the qualifications he worked for during his sponsorship, and is now an acting Inspector.  He should be made up to full Inspector after a couple more months, when he has finished his final 'rotation' through various posts that are giving him expertise in the sort of things he may encounter.  He was full of enthusiasm for what he is doing and I feel sure that he will do well.

Back to the hotel in time for a swim and....you guessed it...happy hour!!!  I'm not sure what we are doing tomorrow but I am sure that Wandifa et al will tell me when they arrive.


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