17 February 2016


Optics and Visits - Tuesday 16 February

A hot day in Brikama today!  Ian was suffering from a sleepless night and a bit of a cough, so Wandifa, Abdoulie, Yankuba and I set off just after 9am.

First, back to Pirang school to take to Mr Darboe, the very keen science master there, a light kit of laser plus lenses for the school and also to show him the prototype "WaterScope" that is being developed at the Cavendish at Cambridge. This tiny microscope is made on a 3-D printer and the images are accessed via a Raspberry pi onto smart phone, tablet or pc.  This sort of imaging was just what Mr Darboe had been asking for last year, so to say that he was enthusiastic is an understatement!  He was extremely sad that we could not leave it with him.... next year, maybe...
More about the WaterScope

We then went to Gambia College to leave a kit of materials there for one of the new lecturers to use with the trainee teachers and then a long list of families and schools to pay sponsorship, check on progress, give out letter forms and take photographs.

Back in time for happy hour!!


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