07 February 2016


Relaxing & Visiting - Sunday 7 February

Sitting in the lobby of the Sands Beach Hotel Resort. It is fairly cool at 7.45 in the morning but the cicadas or black crickets are chirping away still as the sun has only just risen. There are a few mossies around but not as many as at the Atlantic Hotel where we used to stay. Odd that they vary so much in a small distance.

Early morning view standing at the front of the hotel

Tomorrow is a "rest" day so we might go to the North Bank. This is an expedition in itself. If you come to The Gambia it is worth taking a guide to visit the quiet North Bank.

Pippa and Ian at Wandifa's

I hope we can get back at a good time today to get a swim in the pool. It is about 34C here most of the day and seemed hotter yesterday. Very muggy at night. Thank goodness for air conditioning. The rooms here are generous. The bedroom is separated from the large bathroom by a lobby. You think in the bedroom that it is quite a good temperature then walk into the lobby and realise how hot it is everywhere else.


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