26 February 2016


Sunday to Thursday - More Visits

A hectic few days... but I remember that I was going to tell you about the A-team show on Saturday evening.  Eddie was not there in person, but Ebrima followed his pattern exactly, even including the two count-downs at the start of the show.... ex Atlantic guests will know exactly what I mean!  All in all an entertaining evening - if not quite as polished as some.

The past few days have passed in a kaleidoscope of children, schools, paying out sponsorship, taking photographs and doing general Pageant "stuff".  I have been hard put to keep my daily log up to date and in pace with our spreadsheets.  Wandifa and I each fill one in during our trips, and keep check on each other as we go along... it generally works pretty well.

The Pageant van has been out of action for the past two days and is not yet fixed (clutch problems again) so Jereh, our trusty " relief driver" of many years, has stepped into the breach once again.  We are very fortunate to have so many good Gambian friends.

Tomorrow we are due to go to collect the Waterscope from MRC - I will be very interested to hear what they have made of it.

I'll try to do better during the next day or two  but don't bank on it!

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