20 February 2016


Visits to Sponsored Children - Saturday 20 February

Ian had a poor night with a lot of coughing, so stayed in bed today. So, the three Gambian musketeers and I have had another day of family visiting and tracking down children who weren't where they were supposed to be!  One young man has changed schools every year during the five years he has been sponsored, although his family has not moved house in that time.....why, one wonders?

We are gradually filling in the pages of children with signatures (the parents sign when they receive their payment) and the file containing the letter pages (for the children to write letters to their sponsors) is weighing a lot less than the 1.5Kg that we brought out on the plane.

We finished a little earlier than usual so that I could check on Ian - also, I had bought a supply of tonic water that has been unobtainable in the hotel for about two weeks and it seemed advisable to bounce it around as little as possible...

The weather has mercifully cooled down a bit during the past two days and today the on-shore breeze was so strong that we had real breakers crashing onto our beach.  It almost looked like Newquay!!

Linda is coming to dinner here this evening - we have been promised a staff show, so I felt we should support it.  I believe Eddie has been training them.... past Atlantic guests will know who I mean.  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow....


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