07 February 2016


Workshops at Pirang - Saturday 6 February

Today we had the first of the workshops at Pirang school. Had breakfast at 6 and ten out of ten to the Hotel Sands Beach since all was laid out and they cooked eggs to order.

Left before 7 and the minibus broke down at Brikama. Luckily Abdoulie knows everyone and we soon had a replacement bus to take us all on. The day went well and the teachers enjoyed it all especially the chemistry which they hadn't had before.

We were late back to the hotel as we had to wait for the bus to be fixed. Abdoulie did a fantastic job getting it sorted so quickly.

All just finished dinner at 10.30 so off to bed as they say.

 Pirang school. First of the workshops

Helen (and Bob in the background) doing chemistry
Setting up the microscopes
Wandifa showing a teacher the microscopes
Ian showing the pendulum experiment
Michal showing the electronics experiment
Feedback session at the end of the workshops
The Banta in the school where the staff go and where we held the feedback session

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