10 February 2016


Workshops at St Augustine's - Tuesday 9 February

A fairly quiet day today but an early start. Off to St Augustine's in Banjul for a science workshop with senior boys in grade 11. We started off OK but got stuck in an M25-like traffic jam on the approach to Denton Bridge. Lots of cars were being pulled over to a large parking area so the traffic was very slow and we were late arriving at the school. Given that the boys were charming and keen to learn asking lots of questions. Yankuba did the lever experiment where they found the weight of different objects by comparing against a known weight using a metre rule and a pivot. Pippa, Wandifa and I looked after the microscopy area, and Bob demonstrated surface tension and the ability to generate electricity using a potato clock. 

Then back to the hotel for a lazy afternoon while Pippa and the others went to visit children. Last night we ate at a Lebanese restaurant up the road, and the food and service were really good.


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