28 March 2016


Day 4 - parachutes and presents

Hello everyone! Today was another busy and hot day. We began by visiting a couple of FE students, paying fees and collecting letters. We had a lovely catch up with Isatou, one of our most chatty, outgoing and accomplished students.

Ellie, Frances, Isatou, Tina and Rachel 

Then it was on to visit Wandifa's brother Baba and his family, where we met their new baby girl and introduced the children in the village to parachute games!

Children at Baba's compound

Baby Binta

Children enjoying the parachute games 

We also delivered gift token items to them including cooking pots, bowls and buckets. Fatoumatta, their oldest daughter, proudly showed us her garden where she is busy growing onions in preparation for Ramadan (note to Ann and Brian- she would love some packets of tomato and lettuce seeds to grow before the rainy season).

Baba's family with their new gifts
After that, we headed to Siffoe to meet up with more sponsored children and collect letters for sponsors. We enjoyed some delicious, freshly peeled oranges fresh from the market this afternoon and have had a nice catch up with Linda at dinner. Once again the Gambian Pageant team were amazing! 
More news tomorrow! X

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