30 March 2016


Day 6 - green team victory!

Hello everyone at home. Today was sports day at Lutheran LBS. The grade four children had come in during their Easter holidays especially for our visit. They had great fun despite the scorching sun running, hopping, jumping and relaying. They especially loved the skipping, sack and egg and spoon races!
The sack race

Special thanks goes to our star starter, Wandifa, who we will be recommending for a starring role in Rio 2016!!! Green team came out victorious thanks to their enthusiasm and team work.
 Celebrating the green team's success!

We finished the morning with the ever popular parachute, playing lots of games including the much loved spinner game (Washing Machines).

Parachute fun

After the school, we had a tour of Wandifa's new compound, which is looking brilliant, and then went on to see his family at home. It was lovely to see Alieu who is sponsored by Frances and catch up with the others once they had finished their extra classes at school.

Frances with Alieu

Our final stop was to Abdoulie's compound where we treated the children to a slightly late Easter treasure hunt! The children had such fun finding the Easter chicks! We then played frisbee, bouncy ball games and skipping with the children. It was great to meet Abdoulie's little girl, who is beautiful, and see Mustapha again looking so happy and cheeky! We began some goat negotiations with some local people and will keep you posted with this! 

Abdoulie's little girl

In search of chicks!

Lots of love to all at home X 
PS Ian, your jokes are missed!! Big hugs

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