31 March 2016


Day 7 - maths day

Hi all at home. We have had another good day here, which started with a trip to Kings Kid Academy to do our maths workshop. 16 children from grades 2 and 3 turned up during their holiday for some fun games surrounding number and place value. They loved using the dice, carpet tiles, mini whiteboards and other games and it was a delight to see such bright mathematicians among them.

Rachel with some KKA children during the maths workshop 

Building the hundred square

The children and team with their completed square

Our next stop was to visit Yankuba's lovely new house in which he took great delight in showing us. It is looking light and airy and he is very happy there. He treated us all to drinks at his home and introduced us to his new friends and neighbours.

Relaxing at Yankuba's new compound

We hope you like our Pageant team picture- top marks for those of you who can guess what we are trying to spell!!! In preparation for tomorrow and our trip up country, we had a lazy afternoon at the hotel. We even joined in with some Dutch aerobics and are now exhausted!

Bit of spare time on our hands- can you guess what we are doing?!

More news from us on Friday as we imagine tomorrow will be a late one! Night all X

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