04 April 2016


Day 10 - treat time!

Today was definitely a favourite of ours! Due to it being street cleaning day, we were stuck at the hotel in the morning, so we continued our lazy day! In the afternoon it was time for treat day! We had 6 children and 3 adults join us, alongside the Pageant team and began with a feast of chicken yassa and chips. 

Isha enjoying her yassa and chips! 

We then played frisbee and football rounders on the beach before having a quick paddle in the sea. The children were all so keen on the water that we then treated them to a swim in the pool, which was definitely the highlight of their day! Alaghie was a superstar, swimming with complete confidence. His smile was bigger than ever despite his teeth chattering from the moment he got in! To end the day we gave out small gifts to all the children and adults and then waved goodbye to a bus of very smiley, rather exhausted children! 

Rachel, Amie, Fatima, Isha, Ida and Caroline playing piggy in the middle 

Fatima enjoying the sea
Frances with Alaghie in the pool

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