07 April 2016


Signing off....... until next time!

The last few hours of a trip are, as ever, a flurry of packing suitcases, paying last bills, fond farewells - and the inevitable final sponsor letters to zip into hand luggage that are pressed into our hands as we go through passport control. These always provide excellent reading material on the plane home, and we are so pleased to hand them on to our wonderful members who sponsor so many children and students during the year.
Having said a big "thank you" to our fabulous Gambian 'A' Team of Wandifa, Abdoulie and Yanks, it remains only for me to say a further heartfelt thank you to Frances (Frankie), Caroline, Rachel and Ellie whose good humour, excellent organisational skills and adventurous spirit ensured a great trip, filled with much laughter and fun. Thank you also girls for working out the finances - only you know how lost I would have been if it had been left to me to do!
Hopefully we shall all be able to do another trip in the future (once we have recovered from this one!).
(I am posting this for Tina, and would just like to add my thanks to ALL of them - I just wish I had been able to be there as well....  never mind, next time, hopefully...)

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