18 November 2016

Day 17 - Friday

A slightly later start today to make up for yesterday.

We went first to The Water Point. After some negotiation Mr Touray from the company agreed to provide an additional two standpipes to the school at no extra cost to us. We told him that on that basis we wished to proceed and will return tomorrow to sign the contract and make the initial payment.

We then went to buy some exercise books for Banyaka LBS mentioned in an earlier blog. We got a quote from a supplier, but thought we would get one also from the shop that usually supplies us. He wasn’t in so we left a message saying what we wanted and will return tomorrow.

A quick call to Bishop Dennis from King’s Kid Academy to tell him we had approved his latest project and that we had the money to pay him. He happened to be in the neighbourhood buying a new radiator for his car so he joined us, we paid him and he rushed off to the bank.

We managed to get in contact with the two students who went to SOS Senior Secondary but we had lost contact with. I wrote in an earlier blog that Mr Drammeh, the former principal of SOS had told us of their whereabouts. I am pleased to say that both are doing very well. One has just finished a six-month internship at a hospital laboratory where she gained experience in haematology and microbiology. She has now applied to do nursing at the university. She will hear if she is successful in about 3 weeks. The other has enrolled to study law at the university and is enjoying her course. We will keep in touch with both of them.

An early finish today!

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