03 November 2016

Day 2

Off to Kotakula Nursery and Lower Basic School on a very hot day where we were met by Ebrima Cham, the administrator.  We had a good look at the tiling work that had been carried out and agreed it was to a very high standard. We agreed to fund the installation of some ceilings for classrooms that had only a bare corrugated-iron roof. Putting in ceilings provides much needed insulation against the heat. We also discussed tiling the library and improving the playground facilities. We asked for a feasibility study into repairing and improving the solar power installations,

A tour of the classrooms followed where we were greeted enthusiastically by all the children, then an impromptu dance in the playground. Pippa danced brilliantly – see the picture below.

On then to Din Ding Nursery school which Pageant hasn’t been to before. This school is funded and helped by a Dutch charity. We went there as a student newly sponsored by a Pageant member went there.

We then went to a few compounds to deliver sponsorship money for students and after that to the offices of a company that specialises in providing deep bore holes to discuss the installation of a one with associated pipework at a school with very poor water facilities.

Tomorrow we are leaving early to go to Gambia College which is in Brikama and then hope to visit Lamin Lodge on our way back after several other visits

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