04 November 2016

Day 3
An early start to go to Gambia College in Brikama. Gambia College is part of the University of the Gambia and is where their teachers are trained. We met with Mr Nakulang Ceesay who is the Head of Science at the college. We discussed what had happened following previous science and microscopy workshops that we had carried out. Unfortunately, other partners in the project seem to have lost interest. A party from Pageant will be coming in February 2017 and will carry out some microscopy workshops. However, it looks as if that party will be smaller than usual, so it was decided to do two workshops at the college for trainee science teachers; a formula that has worked well in the past.

We then made short visits to a couple of schools in the area and then on to Brikama Nema Nursery and Lower Basic School. Pageant has not visited that school before, but we sent a batch of school and office furniture from the container sent over in the summer. The Headteacher was very delighted with what she had received as the school had ben desperately short of furniture. We had hoped to see the nursery classes in action, but it was nearing Friday lunchtime and the nursery children had gone home. Many schools are closed on Friday afternoons. We will go back there later in our visit

We decided it was time for lunch too so went off to Lamin Lodge. Lamin Lodge is a building which is built on poles and stands in the water of the Gambia River in the middle of the mangrove forests. There is a restaurant at the top with stunning views, but you usually have to be wary of the monkeys who will come and steal your food given half the chance!
After lunch a visit to the compound of a newly-sponsored child to give him a filled pencil case and take his photo. Then back to the hotel for some late afternoon R&R.

A classroom at Brikama Nema with furniture from the Pageant container

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