05 November 2016

Day 4

We woke this morning to light rain. This is the first time I have seen rain in all my Gambia visits, but it was very “British” rain rather than tropical so it made me quite nostalgic!

We had a quiet day. We went to Banjul, the capital city where we met two of our students in further education. One of them, Modou, a medical student, is off to New York City for a six-week placement as part of his training. He is clearly excited about that.

We then went to the Albert Market, a large sprawling market in the centre of Banjul. We were after two things. Some large lidded plastic crates to pack microscopes and associated kit for schools to have. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any big enough, but there are plenty more places to try. We also were after some small carved wooden elephants, hippos and giraffes to take back to the UK and sell at a local school’s Christmas Fair. After some hard bargaining we struck a fair deal and bought some. This is always good, because we help the Gambian economy in some small way and then plough back any profits!

After a refreshment stop, we visited a few compounds to pay fees and then back to the hotel by which time the rain had cleared and it was hot and sunny.

No photo today, but hopefully some good ones tomorrow.

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