08 November 2016

Day 7

Off to Humanity Nursery School which has a new site that we had not visited before although we are well acquainted with the school at its old site and its energetic and enthusiastic Head, Faks.

Faks showed us round the school which has three classes, one for each year of nursey. He has done a lot of work in a short time. Very good toilet facilities and with a shower to put in.
He explained his plans for this school. He wants to erect a new building to put a properly equipped kitchen and then to pout a large canopy over part of the school yard to give shade. Finally, he wants to concrete over part. All these seem like very good ideas to us and we will take then away with us.

We then went to the old school building which has been converted into a chicken farm. He has recently sold all the chickens raised as broilers but still has plenty of hens laying a good number of eggs which are sold to raise cash for the Nursery. Pride of place are a brace of turkeys. He wants to hatch any laid eggs to provide turkeys for fattening. Christmas is coming! 

Off to the North Bank tomorrow (hopefully)


Humanity Nursery

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