04 December 2016

Back in the UK

Here's my final posting following our November 2016 visit to The Gambia. We all think the visit was very successful and we managed to get just about everything done that we wanted to.

We had a good final day in the Gambia, packing and getting items ready to go to Linda's for storage until the next visit in February.

The flight back was very good. Non-stop and the journey was very quick. We went speedily through immigration and luggage collection at Gatwick and were met by my wife Kathy.

As I sit here looking out the window it is a very sunny day, just like in The Gambia, but there the similarity ends - it is of course about 30C colder.

As promised, here is a selection of photos taken. Unfortunately I had some difficulty in taking some of the pictures I wanted as the zoom on my camera broke soon after arrival and I had to put up with a fixed focal length.

Merry Christmas to everybody and to all our friends in The Gambia as we all go into 2017 with hope.


Kota Kula school. The nursery class is in the bantabar

A typical classroom in Kota Kula

Pippa at play!

The very neat library at Kota Kula. Wandifa looking studious! There are two complete sets of Encyclopaedia Britannica

The corner of Mrs Bucket's Nursery School. What a shame!

The elephant tree brought down by a storm a few years ago at Albreda Lower Basic

Assembly at Kings Kid Academy

Unity Nursery. It's great to see male teachers working with very young children - a rarity in the UK. Such wonderful enthusiasm

The Grade 9 children at Misera Basic Cycle school singing and dancing

Misera Basic Cycle School. Up country and very close to the Senegal border

A rural scene taken on the road to Soma

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