08 February 2017


February visit to The Gambia

Now that things have settled down a bit, Thomas Cook have started flying again to The Gambia.

There were some doubts as to whether this year's February trip could take place but I am pleased to let you know it is all systems go.

Pippa, along with Miriam and Richard were on the first flight out of Gatwick since the resumption of flights and are there now. My wife Kathy and I will be going out next week for 11 days.

We will be visiting schools and compounds and checking on projects in hand and recently completed. Hopefully we will also agree some new projects. We will also be carrying out two science workshops at Gambia College to help trainee Gambian teachers learn how to deliver practical science lessons for students. This year the workshops will be wholly or mainly in microscopy as there are fewer of us going.

Once there (we go on Thursday 16th February) I hope to blog on a daily basis (providing there is a good wifi connection) and will post some good photos taken with our new camera (our last one let us down on our November visit)

Until then


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