20 February 2017


Sunday 19 February

We left at 6am to go for the first ferry to the north bank expecting to catch the 7.00am boat. We arrived at the port at 6.30am to find the ferry had left at 6.20. The second ferry was not operational, so after a short wait we decided to postpone the north bank trip and returned to the hotel.

We then spent the day visiting some of our sponsored children, both past and present. It was very good to renew old acquaintances.

After that we went to Wandifa’s new compound which has better furnished than when we visited last November. Mariama cooked us a delicious lunch of rice and sorrel puree, vegetables and a bit of smoked fish.

We finished our day out at Abdoulie’s compound where we chatted for some time and had a demonstration of Abdoulie’s skill in climbing his orange tree where he picked some of the few oranges- it has apparently been a bad year for oranges.

These visits are also useful for Pippa as several sponsored children come to these compounds to hand us their reports and receive payment of school fees.

We returned to the hotel to find the pool was finally full! We went to a local beach restaurant for dinner.

We decided to have an even earlier start tomorrow so we could get the first ferry to the north bank.

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